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Nile Property Expo

December 14, 2017

IWAN Developments' presence at the Nile Property Expo 2017 in Abu Dhabi was strong and the crowd got to explore our various developments and got to know more about our latest project launch.

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El Mouled Fe JEERA

December 16, 2016

We celebrated El Mouled with a family festival at JEERA! on the 16th of December at the clubhouse, where we had a day packed full of fun activities, oriental performances including El Leila El Kebeera, and all the tastiest Egyptian dishes and snacks.

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The Circus Festival at Jeera

November 4, 2016

Our smashing number of 2,000 attendees were thrilled by the vibrant clowns’ performance, magic acts and of course the adorable circus pets. Things did not stop at that.The fan favorite Amro and The Big Bang Boogie band entertained the crowd with their uplifting tunes all day long.

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IWAN Kids Camp by Muricata

October 21, 2016

learning how to set up a camp and honing their navigation skills. Samra is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest and the seven summits. This fun-filled and action packed event included a series of activities and games that focused on teaching the children about team work and collaborative creative thinking.

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Movie night at JEERA & JEWAR

October 1, 2016

we orchestrated a weekly movie night program for the whole family. This event ran from September 29 to October 28. During the first week, we screened family favorite Disney’s Jungle Book. Following the success of our first week of movie nights, we extended our program and continued to screen family classics, like the Disney’s Angry Birds

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