Iwan Group


As the major subdivision of the group, IWAN for Investment and Development is an established player in the Egyptian Real Estate market, with numerous successful medium to large scale residential, administrative and commercial projects under their belt.   IWAN has created a valued portfolio with array of choices ranging from small to big villas, fully/ […]

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At IDIA we meet every day with a determination to change the world and make real impact. Since 1995, we have been a research based architectural design firm, helping our clients fulfill their goals by adapting a holistic, human centered approach to create unique experiences. We challenge the status quo and always question the conventional […]

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Partnering with Hossama, a fourth generation family business of original craftsmen to create the exclusive ETQAAN. A brand which caters to the needs of an exclusive society with a passion for authentic Arabian art and vast appreciation for an  almost extinct craft.

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Projects & Construction

Representing the technical member of IWAN Group is IWAN Projects. It is specialized in the delivery of turn-key projects depending on its experience in the fields of Project Management and Construction. This license shall automatically terminate if you violate https://paper-writer.org/ any of these restrictions and may be terminated by thebestschools

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