The Top 2 Compounds in 6 October

The 6th October area in Egypt offers a plethora of exceptional compounds to choose from. 

With that said, we will explore two outstanding compounds, JEDAR and JUBAIL, that stand out for their unique features, thoughtful design, and commitment to providing residents with an elevated living experience. 

Additionally, we will delve into the notable developments of IWAN, a leading real estate development company, which has earned its reputation in the Egyptian market. 

Join us on this journey as we uncover the best 6 October compounds that offer a harmonious blend of luxury and convenience.


About IWAN Developments: Elevating Real Estate in Egypt

Established in 2004, IWAN Developments is a prominent Egyptian real estate development shareholding company. 

With a vision of creating homes in feel-good neighborhoods and well-connected communities, IWAN is dedicated to curating unique human experiences and delivering top-quality living spaces. 

The name “IWAN” itself reflects the company’s core belief in providing significance to the communities it develops. 

Over the years, IWAN has built a versatile portfolio of 10 residential projects, encompassing urban, coastal, administrative, and commercial developments. 

IWAN has firmly established itself as a key player in the Egyptian real estate market.

Best Compounds in 6 October City

JEDAR: Where Harmony Meets Abode

Jedar compound 6 October

Derived from the Arabic word for “Wall,” JEDAR encapsulates the essence of a compound that strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and profoundness. 

Walls, the foundation of any home, hold immense significance in defining the overall ambiance and sense of security. 

JEDAR is located in the first heights of the 6th of October city, offering a stunning panoramic view of El Sheikh Zayed. 

Situated close to Swan Lake compound, Juhayna Square, and Mall of Arabia, JEDAR boasts an enviable location amidst prestigious residential developments.


Services at JEDAR: Catering to Every Need

At JEDAR, a vibrant community awaits, offering an exceptional array of services designed to cater to the residents’ every need. 

The clubhouse provides an exclusive ambiance where residents can gather, socialize, and engage in a wide range of recreational activities that foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie. 

For families with children, a dedicated kids’ area ensures a safe and stimulating environment for play, exploration, and the creation of treasured memories. 

Parents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their children are happily engaged in a space designed for their well-being.

JEDAR also understands the importance of convenience and accessibility. 

A well-equipped pharmacy is conveniently located within the compound, offering a comprehensive range of medical products and services. 

Additionally, a nearby supermarket ensures that residents can effortlessly run errands, saving time and making everyday tasks a breeze. 

For fitness enthusiasts, dedicated walkway lanes provide the perfect setting for walks, jogs, or runs, elevating the experience of staying active within the community.Moreover, JEDAR’s commitment to creating a harmonious balance is evident in its thoughtful design. The compound dedicates 82% of its space to services and landscaping, ensuring utmost privacy, safety, and a serene environment. 

With only 18% allocated to buildings, JEDAR emphasizes the importance of green spaces and beautifully manicured landscapes, allowing residents to connect with nature and enjoy a tranquil living experience.

Prices: Starts from 30,000,000 EGP 

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JUBAIL: Embracing Beauty and Charm

Jubail compound 6 October

Inspired by one of Lebanon’s most exquisite cities, JUBAIL captures the grace and elegance that its namesake represents. 

This exclusive and welcoming community offers an escape from the urban hustle, inviting residents to ascend to a realm where fresh air and delightful vistas await. 

Nestled within a serene environment, JUBAIL is meticulously crafted for individuals who appreciate refined living and seek a seamless blend of contemporary comforts.JUBAIL enjoys a prime location at the heart of the 6th of October area, surrounded by prestigious residential developments. 

This central position makes it a testament to refined living and offers residents easy access to nearby amenities, services, and a bustling commercial hub.


Services at JUBAIL: Enhancing Your Daily Life

JUBAIL prioritizes convenience by providing a diverse range of amenities designed to enhance residents’ daily lives. 

For those who enjoy biking, dedicated bike lanes offer a thrilling experience. Walkway lanes enveloped by the beauty of nature allow residents to unwind and let the stresses of the day melt away. 

The compound also offers a conveniently located pharmacy, ensuring easy access to a comprehensive range of medical products and services. 

Additionally, a well-stocked supermarket caters to all household needs, offering a wide selection of products for residents’ daily requirements. 

With well-equipped laundry facilities, maintaining a clean and tidy wardrobe becomes effortless at JUBAIL.

Prices: Starts from 11,500,000 EGP

Choosing the perfect compound in the 6 October area is a significant decision that involves considering various factors. 

JEDAR and JUBAIL stand out as two exceptional compounds that offer a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and thoughtful design. 

With their prime locations and a wide range of services and amenities, these compounds cater to the diverse needs of residents and provide an elevated living experience.

As part of IWAN Developments’ versatile portfolio, JEDAR, and JUBAIL reflect the company’s commitment to creating homes in well-connected communities and curating unique human experiences. 

Whether you seek a tranquil abode with stunning panoramic views or a place that embraces beauty and charm, these compounds offer a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and a sense of belonging.

In the 6 October area, JEDAR and JUBAIL exemplify the best in real estate development, demonstrating IWAN’s expertise in crafting homes that prioritize privacy, safety, and an abundance of green spaces. 

With their thoughtfully designed layouts and emphasis on community building, these compounds provide an ideal environment for families, professionals, and individuals seeking a high-quality lifestyle.

By choosing JEDAR or JUBAIL, residents gain access to a host of services and amenities that cater to their every need. 

From exclusive clubhouses for socializing and recreational activities to dedicated kids’ areas that ensure the well-being of younger residents, these compounds foster a sense of belonging and create cherished memories for families.

Convenience is a key aspect of both compounds, with well-equipped pharmacies and supermarkets located within easy reach. Residents can save time and effortlessly run errands, ensuring that their daily tasks are handled efficiently. 

Furthermore, the dedicated walkway lanes and bike lanes in JEDAR and JUBAIL encourage an active lifestyle, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of nature while staying fit.

JEDAR and JUBAIL compounds offer a harmonious blend of luxury, convenience, and thoughtful design. IWAN Developments’ commitment to creating homes in well-connected communities is evident in these compounds, which provide residents with an elevated living experience. 

By choosing these exceptional compounds, residents can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle, surrounded by beauty, convenience, and a vibrant community.

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