Townhouse vs Twinhouse: Key Differences Explained

When deciding on real estate, it is essential to know the difference between a twin house and a townhouse to save you a great deal of time and effort, as well as it will save you a lot of cash.

Why Distinguishing Matters?

Even though both TwinHouse and Townhouse have two similar titles which may lead to confusion, they are completely different, and through this article, we will show the differences between them.

So, let’s discuss townhouse vs twinhouse, which may not be recognized as huge differences, but when you acknowledge such differences, you will be able to make up your mind pretty fast.


Even though townhouses can go back to the 17th century in Europe, there are signs that townhouses are getting a new lease on life.

Living in a Townhouse

Townhouses are considered great options for home buyers who enjoy living close to their neighbors, with smaller gardens and less exposure to direct sunlight.

Townhouses in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt

If you are looking for a Townhouse in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt then Atrio & The Axis Compounds are the places to look for.

Atrio Compound by IWAN

Atrio Compound, By IWAN, you will find the perfect townhouse in the ideal community, where you can experience the vibe of a commercial hub awaiting you.

At Atrio compound, you will find multiple buildings, but most of them are in the form of Townhouses.

By choosing ATRIO, you are welcoming a convenient and easy-going lifestyle in addition to the perfect Townhouse.

The Axis Compound

On the same hand, The Axis Compound is one of the appealing compounds designed by IWAN, where you can also find your perfect Townhouse that will be near everything you want or need.


What is a TwinHouse?

Comparing Twinhouses to TownHouses, we are eligible to say that twinhouses are essentially two separate residences that share a single plot of land and are separated from one another by a shared wall and fence.

Private Gardens and Layouts

Every twinhouse has its private garden, which is bigger than the one in the Townhouse and is usually accessed from the side of the building.

Sunlight and Space

Twinhouses and townhouses have different layouts, therefore the former usually have larger gardens with more angles that receive direct sunlight.

Conversely, the latter usually have smaller gardens with less direct sunshine because they share walls with numerous other homes.

TwinHouses in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt

Speaking of TwinHouses, there will not be a perfect place better than Jedar & Alma Compound, by IWAN, in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt.

Jedar Compound by IWAN

Jedar Compound, its name is illustrating the compound’s simple concept; a truly balanced house; after all, a home is made up of walls.

Alma Compound

On the other side, Alma compound offers a unique lifestyle, where you can enjoy the convenience of a prime downtown location while also experiencing the quiet and serenity of a well-designed property.

Ready to Choose Your Dream Home?

Whether you are leaning towards a townhouse or a twinhouse, making the right choice is crucial. Discover more about these properties and find your perfect home today. Contact Us to explore available options and schedule a visit.

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